Business Management

Students will be accessing their daily work via Schoology. Parents, if you are interested in what your child has been doing, you can log-in to Schoology with your parent log-in and have "view-only" access to see the same thing your student sees. The only difference is that you cannot see your students work itself only their assignment directions and scores for graded work (or missing notations if work was not submitted.

The students' business knowledge obtained this year led to starting up their own smoothie company during the 20-21 school year. The name HEAL Smoothies was born from the students' last names and the more healthy properties smoothies possess thanks to their special fruit & yogurt-based formula. They worked through all the steps of starting a business and pitched their idea to Mr. Foltz. The business idea was approved and the HS students and staff are enjoying the smoothies Monday - Thursday. Fridays are spent going over inventories, preparing orders, and reviewing financials. The class thanks everyone for their support; without sales, they wouldn't be able to apply what they've learned about starting and running a business.

This class was not on the 21-22 schedule which is why no day/time is present.