Driver Education - Mr. Albrecht

COURSE FEE - $75.00

Drivers Education Classroom
Freshman Year
9 weeks
Mon - Fri

>Students will be placed in different 9 week classes based on there age.

>30 hours of classroom time is required by the state of Illinois, so attendance is mandatory.  

>The classroom portion gives students the knowledge and experience to become safe drivers on America’s roadways. Topics in this course cover legal obligations and responsibility, rules of the road and traffic procedures, safe driving strategies and practices, and the physical and mental factors affecting the driver’s capability (including alcohol and other drugs).

>When the student completes and passes the class they will then receive there permit.

>A permit must be held for 9 months before the student can receive there license.


Drivers Education Behind the Wheel
Sophomore Year
>6 hours of behind the wheel are needed at school.
>When driving at school the students will be given the opportunity to drive in many different situations. 




Shean Albrecht

815-858-9005 x322