Mrs. Leitzen - Elementary School Counselor


Kristy Leitzen

River Ridge CUSD #210
4141 Route 84
Hanover, IL 61041

Phone: (815) 858-9005
Fax: (815) 858-9006

The role of the school counselor is to help meet the social and emotional needs of students. I offer individual and group counseling with students whose social or emotional needs are impacting their academic day.  Referrals are made through parents, teachers, or the principal.

Each week I also provide classroom lessons to grades PreK - 5 utilizing a program called CharacterStrong - PurposeFull People.  

PurposeFull People has three main goals for students: Be Kind, Be Strong, and Be Well.

Be Kind: Social skills like listening, friendship, solving conflicts, and leadership. 

○These skills are taught alongside Empathy, Respect, & Cooperation 

Be Strong: Skills that help students focus, stay organized, and set goals. 

○ These skills are taught alongside Responsibility, Courage, & Perseverance 

Be Well: Skills that help students handle their emotions and deal with stress. 

○ These skills are taught alongside Gratitude, Honesty, & Creativity 

I look forward to working with all students and families at River Ridge Elementary School.  Please feel free to reach out to me any time.