High School Math - Mrs. Miles

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. You can reach me either before school, from 8:35-9:10 or afterschool. I usually respond quickly to email but also recognize that its sometimes better for that personal communication through a phone call.


815-858-9005 ext#268

Class Schedule:

1st Hour: (7:50-8:30) AP CALCULUS

2nd Hour: (8:33-9:13) Prep

3rd Hour: (9:16-9:56) Freshmen Algebra 2

4th Hour: (9:59-10:39) Pre-Calculus

5th Hour: (10:42-11:22) Statistics

6th Hour: (11:25-12:05) Algebra 2

7th Hour: (12:06-12:05) Study Hall/Lunch

8th Hour: (1:12-1:52) Basic Algebra 2

9th Hour: (1:55-2:35) Study Hall

10th Hour: (2:38-3:08) Homeroom

Senior Class Advisor:

Please check below for any updates