Hello! Thank you for visiting Mr. Green's Math page. Each tab above will take you to a different class, where you can find the syllabus, important resources, and past notes.

Email: jgreen@riverridge210.org

Phone: (815) 858-9005 ext. 255

My prep time (7:50-8:30) and right after school (3:10-3:30) are the best times to reach me on the phone. Or, you can just leave a message and I will get back to you. Email is the easiest but sometimes a conversation on the phone is best!

Below, you will find my class schedule.
Let's have a great school year. Go, Wildcats!

1st Hour: 7:50-8:30 - Prep
2nd Hour: 8:33-9:13 - Algebra (7th Grade
)3rd Hour: 9:16-9:56 - Honors Geometry
4th Hour: 9:59-10:39 - Study Hall
5th Hour: 10:42-11:22 - Basic Geometry
6th Hour: 11:25-12:05 - Algebra (9th Grade)
7th Hour: 12:08-12:38 - Study Hall
Lunch: 12:38-1:08
8th Hour: 1:12-1:52 - Geometry
9th Hour: 1:55-2:35 - Algebra (8th Grade)
10th Hour: 2:38-3:08 - Homeroom