February 10, 2022 

Dear River Ridge Families,

During the pandemic, the District has endeavored to keep our students, parents, teachers, and members of the Community healthy and safe.  We have also sought to follow the rule of law and those obligations imposed on the District by the Governor and IDPH.

In continuing to review information regarding the current conditions within the state of Illinois, River Ridge will continue to encourage and recommend that masks be worn, but masks will no longer be required.  Wearing masks is still the recommendation of the CDC and the County Health Department.  We will not be testing our staff weekly or asking for vaccination status. Until a decision from the Courts is determined, the District will not exclude students or employees identified as “close contacts” to positive COVID cases who are asymptomatic.  Students and staff who test positive for COVID will remain excluded from school for the time periods set forth in the IDPH’s Exclusion Protocol.  If you have symptoms and will not voluntarily test, you will still be out for 5 days or until released to return to school by a medical provider.

Masks are still required on all District transportation due to the continued TSA mandate requiring face coverings on public transportation.  This is a federal law and has not changed.  Everyone that is on a bus must wear a mask.

At athletic events held in our District, masks will be recommended until the further ruling of the Court. Understand that at other facilities, they still may have masking requirements and you should be respectful of their rules.

Our District remains committed to the safety and welfare of students, teachers, and staff. As we have always asked, even before COVID, if your child is sick, please keep them home.  Our main goals are to educate our students and to keep everyone as safe as possible each day. The school will still offer Binax and SHIELD testing. If you have a concern and would like to be tested, that opportunity will still be available.

The District may impose masking again in the future in the event of an outbreak in the county or an increase in positive cases within our District. 

With this decision, we expect our students to remain respectful and compassionate towards each other.  We expect our teachers, staff and parents to treat one another with respect and compassion.  No matter how each of you feels about the recent court decision, we remain in this together and are stronger when respectful of each other.

Thank you for your support during this ever changing time.  We will continue to keep you informed as we move forward.


Colleen Fox