"The River"

Why Come to Hanover?

Hanover, Illinois, lies in the River Ridge School District. It is the Mallard Capital of the world. Why? It's because it is home to Whistling Wings, the world's largest mallard hatchery.

This quaint community is located on the Apple River just five miles from the Mississippi River. Hanover is also located on the Great River Road, a nationally recognized scenic Route. The Savanna Army Depot redevelopment area is just seven miles from the wonderful town of Hanover.

Hanover has a lot of fun activities to offer including:

  • Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort
  • Mississippi Palisades State Park
  • Blanding's Landing Recreation Area
  • Storybrook Country Club
  • Eagle Ridge Golf Course
  • Two Village Festivals
    • Hanover Days (July)
    • Mallardfest (September)

There are many opportunities offered in Hanover:

  • Enterprise Zone Incentives
    • Available throughout the village until December 2009
    • Property tax abatements for industrial, commercial, and residential development
    • Waiver of sales tax on building materials
  • Hanover Office & Industrial Center
    • Vacant land owned by the Village of Hanover
    • Water, sewer, power and access roads provided by the Village of Hanover
    • Direct access to Illinois Route 84, the Great River Road
  • Downtown Hanover
    • Located directly on the Great River Road
    • Historic buildings available for sale or rent


Visit Hanover.